Work-Related Absence Request

Work-Related Absence Request – WMS

Work-Related (WR) days will be entered into Aesop by the designated campus/department Aesop Manager. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed. If you do not see the WR Day recorded in Aesop or have not received confirmation that the absence has been processed, please follow up with the designated campus manager.


  • In-District Training: Instructors will take attendance at the end of the class. If you did not sign the attendance roster, a personal leave day will be deducted.
  • For any Off-Site Training: Please retain the training certificate for auditing purposes.
  • Please note that this Absence Request DOES NOT pertain to events/field trips for your own child/children.

Employee First Name

Employee Last Name

Employee Email Address

Is this a correction to a prior request?



Name of Event / Training / Class:

Date(s) of Event / Training:

Length of Event / Training:

 Half day – AM

 Half day – PM

 Full day


Type of Event / Training:
Pick one that most closely relates to your event.

 Student Activity / Field Trip – Academic / Class / Grade Level (Non UIL related)

 UIL – Academic

 CTE (Career & Technology)

 ROPES (select only when approved by Professional Development department / Greg Glover; otherwise, it is staff development) – Account Code must be provided below (STAFF DEV/DPT-PROF LEARNING ROPES)

 Staff Development – Campus (Principal Initiated) – Includes Improvement-related Events via CI Plan, planning days, learning walks, etc.

 Staff Development – District (District Initiated) – Account Code must be provided below

 Staff Development – Coaches (Approved by District Athletic Department) – Account Code must be provided below (STAFF DEV/DPT-COACHES)

 Staff Development – SPED/SPROG (Special Programs – Federal Funds only) – Account Code must be provided below

 Extended ARD (To be used only at the direction of K–12 Administrators) – The SUB is a SPED IA: Account Code is SUB SPED IA – The SUB is a SPED Teacher: Account Code is SUB SPED TEACHER

 Observation / Shadow – Long-term sub shadows existing teacher for 1 day before they leave and for 1 day when they return

 Event Not Listed Above: 

Account Code: If department provided an account code, please include below

Instructor / Trainer Name
Who invited you to attend the training / meeting?

Please provide additional information / clarification about your absence request:
Who gave you permission for this request? Who is coverign sub cost (Campus? Department? Activity Fund?)
Please copy and paste the Department / Instructor email request / invitation details here, if applicable.

Substitute Information – Additional Required Information

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Have you secured a Substitute?

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All Work-Releated Absences Require Principal Approval

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