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Posted on 11/12/2019
Our Mascot at Mascot Boot Camp

Our amazing Cheer Booster Club has their spirit store up and there are so many cute things make sure you check it out ​​HERE .

Wiley pop sockets are available for $10 each too!

The Cheerleaders are hosting the next school dance, the Snowball Dance, on Friday, December 6th. 

Students will fill out forms to pre-purchase their admission to the dance between December 2nd through 5th during lunchtime.  Actual admission will be a wristband given at the door. Presale admission will be $5 and include a slice of pizza and a drink.  Admission sold at the door will still be $5 but will not include the pizza and drink.

Candy Cane Grams go on sale December 6th. These are candy cane pens which will be delivered on the 20th.  These are $2 and include a To/From label. Sales will continue through the week of December 9th.

 Also our mascot just got back from a Mascot Boot Camp with the Texas Stars and did an amazing job representing Wiley!!! Wiley Coyote will be performing at the Nov. 26th Texas Stars game with Ringo their mascot and we would love to get as many people as we can out to the game to support them. I have attached the link to purchase discounted tickets to the game if you would like to go and support!  Texas Stars Tickets

Attached is a picture from Camp!