Current 6th and 7th Graders Important Information

Important Information for Current 6th & 7th Graders
Posted on 03/06/2019

Class Registration: Counselors have received choice sheets from students and have started the registration process! Here is some additional information to consider for your child: 

 Off-Campus PE- Available to select students who participate in a physical activity program outside of school. Learn more and find the application by going to HERE

How to get there: à Departments à Teaching and learning à PE/Health/Wellness à Off-Campus PE

Applications are due to your child's counselor by May 31st. 

 Summer testing for PACE Math and QUEST. 

See HERE for more Pace Math Testing Info.

 QUEST testing dates: • Wednesday, June 19 at Henry Middle School (HMS) Library   

                                      • Wednesday, June 26 at Four Points Middle School (FPMS) Library    

                                      • Thursday, July 18 at Canyon Ridge Middle School (CRMS) Library   

                                      • Wednesday, July 31 at Stiles Middle School (SMS) Library

                                      • ** Registration opens April 30th.** Once open, email Kathy Wood to register your child: