Tuesday After School Tutorials/Transportation

After School Tutorials/Transportation Assistance
Posted on 10/04/2017
Picture of a school bus

This year at WMS, we have arranged for tutorial buses to make it easier for students to receive additional academic assistance without creating hardships for parents.  Beginning on October 3rd, we will offer 40 minutes of tutoring time, every Tuesday (except October 31st).  To take advantage of this opportunity, students must:

Make sure that the teacher they desire tutoring from is available on the Tuesday they are requesting.  IF the teacher is tutoring, he/she will provide a bus pass to your student.  IF not, he/she may refer your student to someone else in the department and your student will need to obtain the bus pass from them.

IF students are staying for a club meeting, like Student Council or C2, they will need to obtain a bus pass from the sponsor of the club.

Students must communicate with their parents, preferably on Monday, that they will be staying for tutoring/club meeting.

● No student will be permitted to stay on campus without adult supervision. Students without a bus pass will be permitted on the tutorial buses.  However, if it is determined that they were not under adult supervision for the duration of tutoring time, they could receive consequences.

Buses will leave school at 5:00 pm

Please click below for the tutorial bus schedule.
wms tutorials.pdf

Last Tutorial Bus Tuesday will be June 1st.