Leander Mobile Learning Initiative (mLISD)

Keep Your Laptop Over the Summer
Posted on 04/17/2019
MLISDKeep Your Laptop Over the Summer

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year begins on April 1st. The link to pay enrollment fees is in the picture above or right HERE. Current students who have paid the annual enrollment fee are eligible to keep their district issued computer over the summer and do not have to wait until laptops are deployed next school year.

Fees must be paid prior to the collection date for the grade level:

 Collection Dates:

6th grade May 20th
7th grade May 21st
8th grade** May 22nd
** New computers have been purchased for students going into 9th grade. All 8th grade computers will be collected on the 22nd. Those 8th graders who have paid the fee will have new computers issued to them on the 23rd.